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The Church holds to the 1689 (London) Baptist Confession of Faith as a true
interpretation of its religious convictions based upon Scripture, and as its official
declaration of faith for conduct and teaching. It is not to be regarded as infallible, or as
intending to add anything to the simple conditions of salvation revealed in the scriptures.
The Church acknowledges that not all believers have the same convictions and
accordingly requires that all candidates for membership should at least accept the
following shorter statement of belief prior to admission as members.

In the plenary (that the whole of scripture is inspired by God), verbal, (that every word
in the original autographs is inspired by God), infallible, (that every word in the original
autographs is true and reliable), inerrant, (that there are no errors in the original
autographs of the Bible), clear, (that the Bible was written so that ordinary people could
understand it), and sufficient, (that we do not need anything in addition to the Bible to
know what God would have us to know, do and be), inspiration of the Scriptures of the
Old and New Testaments in their original autographs as Scriptures of the Old and New
Testaments in their original autographs as fully inspired by God, both as to doctrine and
content, and accepts them as the final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.


To seek (through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God as contained in the
Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments) that God may bring to repentance, faith and
true conversion, those who are unregenerate.

To build up, instruct and encourage in their faith and love those who are His people.
To seek to ensure that Christians may be mutually strengthened and encouraged by the
fellowship they enjoy with each other.
To provide suitable places and regular opportunities for corporate services of worship
and praise which should be conducted in a spirit of true humility and reverence.
To provide opportunities for all members to fulfil a scriptural responsibility to engage in
practical Christian service.
To identify with, and support, the work of missions throughout the world in fulfilment of
the commission of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Church to preach the Gospel and make
disciples of all nations.

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